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Paul Blart's vacation to Las Vegas is cut short when his daughter Maya is kidnapped by an evil mastermind who is stealing valuable art. Now, the game of mall cops has changed, new gadgets and Paul Blart is losing fame. But now in time of emergency he must save the day once again. With a team of classic mall cops try to defeat the thief and save Maya before she is taken away. Can they complete the job or will all the art and Maya be taken away?
After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers.
-Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) movie review: -Kevin James is back as Paul Blart who, after years of keeping his mall safe, finally takes a vacation with his daughter. But when a team of criminals tries to rob the hotel he is staying at, he must rise to the occasion and once again save the day! This sequel did see a different and probably more experienced director at the helm! ….but the same writer.<br/><br/>-You should know that I am going to try to be fair, but overall it does come down to what I personally thought of the film. Ultimately if you enjoyed it that is fine; I thought it was cute and entertaining, but kinda dumb.<br/><br/>-The story&#39;s plot develops through convenience and I think it highly unlikely that these villains would rob a high profile hotel while it is hosting a security conference. The subplot and subsequential added drama works fine though. Cliché, but it is hard to have a super original plot for a movie like this, so I am understanding of that.<br/><br/>-The pace was actually pretty good. Yeah.<br/><br/>-Kevin James did an over-the-top job as usual, because his character is kinda ridiculous. However I can&#39;t think of anyone better for the role, sooo…. The rest of the cast did fine for as goofy or simple as their characters were.<br/><br/>-One of my problems with some films like this is that it is very hard to take any of the characters seriously. I know, I know…. Family comedy. Paul Blart&#39;s character is just soooooo overdone. And all the other &#39;team&#39; he assembles is too. Plus they literally had to make the villain have two different eye colors to make him stand out. Although there was one super random exchange they had that had me laughing a good bit.<br/><br/>-The music was good but generic. Rupert Gregson-Williams, Harry Gregson-Williams&#39;s son I believe, composed, and I hope to hear more from him. There was also one scene set to classical music that had me laughing. A lot.<br/><br/>-There are some good laughs in this film, some of which are in the trailer, and most of which are situational humor. However most of the film is Kevin James making a fool of himself, which some people probably find funny. Personal bias, I don&#39;t.<br/><br/>-Ultimately I thought it was funny, but poorly written and kinda cheesy. Nonetheless, it was not made to be a super great film, or even a believable film. It was made to entertain, and it kinda does. Is it worth paying to see? I don&#39;t think so, but I am just usually not into these films. So I will personally land somewhere between not worth the time and Netflix, but if you are looking for a fairly entertaining time with no brainpower required, by all means don&#39;t let me stop you! -Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 holds a PG rating for some peril and one SUPER gross scene I literally had to look away from. Oh my gosh. It was for laughs, but I just couldn&#39;t.
High on any list of &quot;movies for which no one was demanding a sequel&quot; would be &quot;Paul Blart: Mall Cop,&quot; an unfunny flick that inexplicably went on to be a major box office hit in 2009. Yet, here, by unpopular demand, comes &quot;Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2&quot; - a movie that takes place at a mall in only the most tangential sense, it should be pointed out - and it makes the original look like &quot;Airplane&quot; in comparison.<br/><br/>The script by James and Nick Bakay feels as if it were written on the set in between takes. The joke or sight-gag that works seems like nothing more than a lucky spin on a roulette wheel, so infrequent is the occurrence.<br/><br/>The follow-up pretty much replicates the plot of the first movie, as the segway-riding Bart bungles his way into foiling an art heist at a Las Vegas hotel/casino, where Blart is attending a security officers convention with his daughter, Maya.<br/><br/>Indeed, the sole bright spot is Raini Rodriguez as Blart&#39;s carbon- copy but levelheaded daughter, an actress with charm and likability to spare (David Henrie also isn&#39;t bad as her youthful love interest). The same cannot be said for Neal McDonough, Daniella Alonso and Nicholas Turturro, fine performers all who, I&#39;m sure, would appreciate having this cinematic turkey expunged from their resumes.
Given that it comes courtesy of Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison… it’s no surprise that Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is a lazy, witless, laugh-free experience. But even by their standards, this is a slog to sit through, so glacially paced that at times it achieves an almost zen-like level of anti-comedy.

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